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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Passion: Do you have one?

Passion, is one of the most important ingredients one can have in their life. It can mean the difference between success or failure, joy and contentment or discouragement, fulfillment and satisfaction or emptiness.

"So what is your passion?”

I love to be around people who are passionate about something.

School teachers who are passionate about teaching.

Coaches who are passionate about seeing players excel.

Business people who are passionate about their service or the product they sell.

People who are passionate to find a cure for a disease.

Christians passionate about those who need Jesus.

Christians passionate about loving Jesus and serving him.

And people passionate about being right with God.

And there of course are far more good things to be passionate about.

My passion is to see men and women change. Nothing gets me more excited and makes me feel more alive than to see average ordinary people discover Jesus and begin to seriously follow him. That is why I enjoy outreach, missions, Sundays and ministry in general.

I have always had a heart for people who have made some “detours” along the way and now are desperately seeking God.

Do you know your passion? Is there something about God and his mission that just causes you to come alive? Is there something about the kingdom of God that really does get you excited?

I really believe that one of the ways that Satan has impacted the church is by convincing us that the things of God are actually pretty boring. When we buy that, the result is deadly. First we lose any sense of a passion for God. Second, we begin to believe that the world offers us real excitement. Third, we become a people who go through the motions while our hearts are elsewhere.

It doesn’t have to be that way…