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Friday, August 6, 2010

We are Family

I am so thankful for my family. I love my wife, my kids, their mates and of course my grandchildren. And as a parent, we do everything we can to protect them and watch out for their ‘blindside’. I thought about this when I was working on Eph 2:19 while preparing for my Sunday School class. In vs 19 Paul says we are now members of the household of God. Which means we are members of Gods family and as believers we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are ‘family’ and as a family we should watch out for each other and protect each other

The movie ‘Blindside’ is a true story of Michael Oher an adopted son of the Tuohy family. At one point in the movie Michael an offensive left tackle is at High School football practice and is not doing a good job of blocking and protecting the QB. His mother (played by Sandra Bullock) comes down from the stands in the middle of practice, walks up to him, takes him by the shirt and says “would you let anything happen to me? The answer is No. “Would you let anything happen to your little brother?” Again the answer is No. She then says, “this QB is me, your brother, this QB is family. You protect him, you protect his blindside, you don’t let anyone touch him. Do you understand Michael?” Michael responds with a “yes ma’am”. He then proceeds to block like he never did before and ends up playing for Ole Miss and now the Baltimore Ravens. What was it that made a difference in him? It was the word ‘family’ ---he needed to protect the blindside of family..

So it is with us. We are part of God’s family. In the church we are brothers and sisters in Christ and we are family. So instead of gossiping about someone, kicking them while they are down, talking about them, and mistreating them, we should have a desire to protect them. Protect their blindside. Isn’t that what it means when scripture says they (the world) will know we are Christians by our love for oneanother.