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Focal Point
Focal Point is more than a blog. It's purpose is to help us stay focused on Christ through Gods Word as we navigate through life and today's culture.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You know we use the word ‘love’ so loosly that its really lost its meaning. We say we love America, love our car, love pizza, love our mate and love God all in the same breath. But In I Cor. 13 of Gods Word it talks about what real love is. What it looks like in the nitty-gritty of life. Whether it's toward our mate, children or just a friend. And true love that the Bible talks about is a love that is better seen than defined. It’s a love that is seen in our actions towards others.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corporate Worship

I want to share a word with you about the importance of your corporate worship in church on the Lords Day. The Bible says, “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy” but what does that mean? To help us understand this we need to go back to the book of Genesis and there we read that God rested on the seventh day not because He was overwhelmed with fatigue, but to pause and celebrate the goodness of the created world. So this commandment stands for us to take a day and reflect on God's power, His majesty over all that is, and to reflect on Who made us and loves us.

This is why Sunday worship is important. Scripture calls people to acknowledge a sacred focus to all of life. It’s a command given to keep us from living life with ourselves at the center of everything. It calls us to remember that there's more to us than chemicals and glands. And how our world needs this reminder today. God, in a tremendous act of life giving love, says, we must take one day a week and remember Him or we will fail to orient the rest of our lives properly.

Yes, corporate worship is important and here is one more, it allows me to break with my normal routine! Corporate worship in church is designed to jar my earthbound patterns and wake my soul up like a speed bump on a parking lot. The Lords Day isn't just a pause to catch my breath in a busy world. It's a pause to turn my life from self to God - from my pursuits and plans to His. And I can't properly remember God without giving Him this time.